3 Questions to Ask When You Want to Move On

We’ve all been there: a bad break-up, losing a loved one, a toxic workplace environment. We’ve all been through a situation that pushes us to the edge, until eventually we’re left with only one option: to leave it all behind. Although, at first, this might be far from our mind. On the way to thisContinue reading “3 Questions to Ask When You Want to Move On”

7 Life Impacting Lessons from Studying Abroad

Once upon a time, pre-COVID, I was a college student. Bright-eyed and filled with curiosity and wonder, I chose a university that I felt would give me the best chance to form friendships and lasting relationships with the international student body. This, on top of all my previous years of travel, fueled my desire toContinue reading “7 Life Impacting Lessons from Studying Abroad”

What I Learned From a Burst Pipe

It’s Saturday morning. I wake up at 6 a.m. to participate in a Teamfight Tactics Tournament that begins in one hour. For those that do not know, Teamfight Tactics (TFT) is an auto-battler, made by Riot Games. It is akin to chess, and includes various rounds and stages with the objective to upgrade your unitsContinue reading “What I Learned From a Burst Pipe”

4 Things I Learned From Self-Publishing

Back in May 2019 I self-published a poetry book. It was everything you’d expect from a writer who fell into the world of ‘Instagram poetry’ just a year prior—brimming with heartache and searching for closure. Aside from personal experiences, I drew inspiration from the likes of Lang Leav, Michael Faudet, and r.h. Sin, just toContinue reading “4 Things I Learned From Self-Publishing”

Dear You, Pt. 38 To the Ones Gone

It is hard to start this without feeling a heaviness in my chest. How long has it been? A few weeks? Months? Time stopped completely when you left, so all the days have blended in together. Each and every day just ended up being the same. I hope you will forgive me for being inContinue reading “Dear You, Pt. 38 To the Ones Gone”

Becoming Too Comfortable

Life is difficult. Not can be, might be, or most likely will be, but is. It’s a world-renowned fact known by everyone. Sure, there are moments of reprieve and times when we can go through life by doing the bare minimum, but it doesn’t take away from its harshness and difficulty. And with this realityContinue reading “Becoming Too Comfortable”

The Things that Come with Age

When I was barely eighteen, growing older meant a life in a comfortable apartment, more freedom, and a passport filled with stamps that served as souvenirs from countless adventures abroad, surrounded by friends I met along the way. At twenty-nine, however, growing older now means thinking about my grandparents/parents health, feeling happiness in putting newContinue reading “The Things that Come with Age”

Embracing My Singleness

Recently I went to a wedding and witnessed my two friends tie the knot. It had been a while since I’ve been to a wedding, let alone a wedding between two friends who I’ve known for years. Seeing them finally say I do was emotional — a moment filled with immense happiness and joy. FromContinue reading “Embracing My Singleness”

How I Feel About Blogging Now

Blogging has been a big part of my life since middle school. Now, to give context to this, I started blogging when Xanga was still around — yes, I am that old. But that’s besides the point. I treated Xanga more or less like a diary. Some days I blogged a page worth of thoughts,Continue reading “How I Feel About Blogging Now”

Life of an Introvert: Recharging Your Social Battery

Introvert – a person whose personality is characterized by introversion : a typically reserved or quiet person who tends to be introspective and enjoys spending time alone. If you’re an introvert like me, you enjoy your alone time. Whether it’s as simple as taking a walk in your favorite park or trekking through the mallContinue reading “Life of an Introvert: Recharging Your Social Battery”