How I Created a Clothing Brand Through Blogging

I would like to believe that I had a normal college experience. Although I didn’t live on campus, I was still able to form meaningful connections with many of my peers. I joined various clubs, explored the pubs and restaurants that surrounded downtown, and took classes that helped me obtain my degree. Heck, I evenContinue reading “How I Created a Clothing Brand Through Blogging”

How to Stick to Your New Year’s Resolution For More Than One Week

With a New Year comes new resolutions, goals, and dreams that are set and ready to be accomplished. Although 2021 might not have been the most ideal, there is something about the start of a new year that makes one feel hopeful for what’s to come. Setting new goals and pursuing them is a goodContinue reading “How to Stick to Your New Year’s Resolution For More Than One Week”

If 2021 Were a Set of Movies: A Reflection

I believe many people would say that 2021 is just 2020 part two—a sequel that nobody asked for, but we got anyways. A sequel we all wish we hadn’t seen and experienced, but in good faith, went through anyways. If only life was like a movie with a star-studded cast, world-renowned with the highest credentials.Continue reading “If 2021 Were a Set of Movies: A Reflection”

Book Review: All the Bright Places by Jennifer Niven

I remember, at the beginning of 2020, I watched the film All the Bright Places on Netflix. It was a poignant film on first love, loss, and the teenage experience. It left a lasting impression and invoked a wave of emotions that would remain for a long time. That Christmas, I received the book asContinue reading “Book Review: All the Bright Places by Jennifer Niven”

Year-End Motivation

It seems like yesterday that 2020 ended (Did 2020 actually count? The answer is always no.) and 2021 began. And now in the blink of an eye, we’re here in December, almost at the start of a brand new year. It can be easy, then, to settle into a comfy pair of pajamas, lounge aroundContinue reading “Year-End Motivation”

Turning (Back) On The Creativity

At the beginning of November, I took a long, hard look at my writing; this includes the topics I wanted to discuss and the direction I wanted to take. After some consideration, I decided to take all of these great blogging ideas and essentially threw them in the trash. Sure, I could have written articlesContinue reading “Turning (Back) On The Creativity”

What the Moon Says in My Place

I would like to believe that space is notsome soundless void where nothingnessengulfs the senses. Stars sizzle, planetsmake the sound of a spinning top, the moonhums all of her space children to sleep ina whisper that lingers on the verytip of her tongue in a languagewe are all used to. She is saying:Come, sweet moonchild,stayContinue reading “What the Moon Says in My Place”

Dear You, Pt. 39

Dear You, Do you remember a few years ago, when we were younger, the world was safer, and there was an ocean of possibilities spread out in front of us? Me neither. But I guess with recent times, that’s just how it is. Our memory becomes botched, an ink splatter on an already finished canvas.Continue reading “Dear You, Pt. 39”