What I Learned Fasting From Soda

Finally, the Easter season is upon us which also means the end of Lent. The end of no meat on Fridays, the end of fasting from soda (yes, that was my Lenten fast), and the end of solemn and reverent song selections for Mass. Welcome Easter celebrations and singing Alleluia at the top of ourContinue reading “What I Learned Fasting From Soda”


Shades of You

In Korean media, variety shows, interviews, etc., there’s a phrase that is often used when talking about someone’s voice: 음색 (eumsaek). This phrase literally translates to ‘vocal color’. And no, they do not follow up with an actual color. Instead, when talking about a person’s vocal color, they comment on how good it is, howContinue reading “Shades of You”

Here, Now

With social media, we can have an inside look at other people’s lives, see their glamour and success and immediately become unhappy with the person we see in the mirror. It is easy to become jealous of those around us and wonder “When will it be me?” “When will I experience happiness and success andContinue reading “Here, Now”

Dear You: A Letter to Myself

Remember that one writing project you started — The ‘Dear You’ series? Remember how you kept it anonymous, but always had someone in mind while writing it? Well, this one is a little more open, transparent for the world to see. I want everyone in the world to see that this letter, right here, thisContinue reading “Dear You: A Letter to Myself”

Night Owl Thoughts: What September Holds

The summer months have come and passed, now we’re busy preparing for what comes next: the pumpkin spice lattes, the piles of costumes, and as much turkey and filling as our stomachs can handle. Quite honestly, as nice as the beach can be and the sound of ocean waves crashing upon the shore, I preferContinue reading “Night Owl Thoughts: What September Holds”

Musings of the Heart Pt. 17: Dark

Black. That was all I saw when I opened my eyes. I was surrounded by a darkness that took me into it’s embrace. When people think of darkness, they usually associate it with a type of sinister evil that they are unable to understand. People look at the dark and become afraid of what theyContinue reading “Musings of the Heart Pt. 17: Dark”

Dear You, Pt. 34

You once asked me what it meant to be happy and I still stand by what I said: I’m not entirely sure. However, after some careful consideration, here is what I think. Happiness is waking up late on a Sunday morning to the smell of breakfast being made and the sound of your favorite televisionContinue reading “Dear You, Pt. 34”

Dear You, Pt. 24

You always told me to be selfish, that the rest of the world didn’t care about my well-being, and that it was my job to ensure that I pursued the things that would benefit me and only me. There were nights when you constantly told me that I shouldn’t choose you, that you were notContinue reading “Dear You, Pt. 24”

2016 – Resonance.

These are the lessons I have learned, the words left unsaid, the words that have resonated in my heart. Don’t compare yourself to other people. Each and every person goes about life at their own pace. It doesn’t matter if it takes you one month, three weeks, or a few years longer than everyone else.Continue reading “2016 – Resonance.”