An Unnamed Flower

The other week for Mother’s Day, I ended up buying flowers. I went to the store a day before, in order to avoid the rush on the day of and to say that I was not that last minute in procuring a gift. Entering my local Safeway, I had the intent to purchase a premadeContinue reading “An Unnamed Flower”


Cost of Celebration

For the past week I’ve been on a family trip, celebrating an array of things: my brother’s college graduation, adulthood, and stepping into my older sister’s place for the first time.  Over the entire week we traveled and celebrated.  Every dinner, every comment, every time the sun warmed up our frozen bodies, we said wordsContinue reading “Cost of Celebration”

No Longer Normal

Over these past few weeks, it feels as if I’ve heard a collective sigh of relief from America. That is mainly due to the easing of restrictions of masking, of social distancing, of in person gatherings. Companies are asking their employees to return back to the office, students have already begun to repopulate empty campuses,Continue reading “No Longer Normal”

A Story of How to Fly

For months, possibly even a year or more, my grandfather kept two birds, rock pigeons, in a cage suspended four feet off the ground. The cage, although big enough to house the two, did not allow them enough space to spread their wings and fly. Despite this, my grandfather kept them there for reasons unknownContinue reading “A Story of How to Fly”

If 2021 Were a Set of Movies: A Reflection

I believe many people would say that 2021 is just 2020 part two—a sequel that nobody asked for, but we got anyways. A sequel we all wish we hadn’t seen and experienced, but in good faith, went through anyways. If only life was like a movie with a star-studded cast, world-renowned with the highest credentials.Continue reading “If 2021 Were a Set of Movies: A Reflection”

Turning (Back) On The Creativity

At the beginning of November, I took a long, hard look at my writing; this includes the topics I wanted to discuss and the direction I wanted to take. After some consideration, I decided to take all of these great blogging ideas and essentially threw them in the trash. Sure, I could have written articlesContinue reading “Turning (Back) On The Creativity”

What I Learned From a Burst Pipe

It’s Saturday morning. I wake up at 6 a.m. to participate in a Teamfight Tactics Tournament that begins in one hour. For those that do not know, Teamfight Tactics (TFT) is an auto-battler, made by Riot Games. It is akin to chess, and includes various rounds and stages with the objective to upgrade your unitsContinue reading “What I Learned From a Burst Pipe”

The Need for Change

Change is scary—not can be, or maybe, or possibly, but indisputably, change is scary. It is something we experience constantly throughout our lives. Change is akin to a frequent visitor, a relative or family friend that comes over more than three times a week, sometimes unannounced. And even when the visit is planned, there couldContinue reading “The Need for Change”

A Never-ending March

I am stuck in March, on that long, dark morning. I can still hear the whir of medical equipment, the oxygen machine keeping you alive and with us. We believed you were still coherent, registering both our voices and presence right in front of you, despite being unable to speak. We believed that you wouldContinue reading “A Never-ending March”

One Year Since

A year has passed since March 2020. A year of social distancing, a year of staying inside, a year of worrisome thoughts coming in and out of our heads due to random, wayward coughs. When the pandemic first began, I didn’t think it would be too hard. I was and still am very much anContinue reading “One Year Since”