Poetry: Still; Praying

I am always lookingat a portrait of youdrawn or photographedsmiling down at me Most days I still find youalive and well in this roomeither catching your breathor dancing along to a melody in your headas I watch from the hallwaywith both hands claspedin a fervent prayer Even now I plead with Godwith the same requestthatContinue reading “Poetry: Still; Praying”

Notes from the Sea

Don on your seafoam green dress anddance like nobody’s watching. Push andpull like the tide until you wash completelyover me. Make me believe in the mysteriesfound offshore and just below the surfacewhere light barely touches.Take away every bubble of oxygenI have left—I do not mind being breathless,floating in the palm of your hand, the onlyContinue reading “Notes from the Sea”

What the Moon Says in My Place

I would like to believe that space is notsome soundless void where nothingnessengulfs the senses. Stars sizzle, planetsmake the sound of a spinning top, the moonhums all of her space children to sleep ina whisper that lingers on the verytip of her tongue in a languagewe are all used to. She is saying:Come, sweet moonchild,stayContinue reading “What the Moon Says in My Place”

Here, Again

Imagine this: a soft, steady hum rumblingat the bottom of your chest. With every secondit begs to be released into this world,not as a whisper passed behind a veilof hands, but as a battle cry, a call to arms, a clap of thunder resonating throughout the city,bringing even the bravest soldier to their knees. This is butContinue reading “Here, Again”

Three Months Later; Three Favorites From 2:59 a.m.

It has now officially been three months since I have released my debut collection of prose and poetry, 2:59 a.m. The support that I’ve received from the community, both personal and from the public, has been more than I could ask for. I’ve always shared my writing with the public, whether it was through XangaContinue reading “Three Months Later; Three Favorites From 2:59 a.m.”

A New Chapter Called 2:59 a.m.

As mentioned in my previous blog post, since coming out of my writing/reading slump, I started an experiment where I posted both prose and poetry onto one Instagram account. The (unintended) outcome: my first collection of prose and poetry, 2:59 a.m. And it is now out and available for purchase on Amazon and you can buyContinue reading “A New Chapter Called 2:59 a.m.”