What I Learned Fasting From Soda

Finally, the Easter season is upon us which also means the end of Lent. The end of no meat on Fridays, the end of fasting from soda (yes, that was my Lenten fast), and the end of solemn and reverent song selections for Mass. Welcome Easter celebrations and singing Alleluia at the top of ourContinue reading “What I Learned Fasting From Soda”

Dear You, Pt. 39

Dear You, Do you remember a few years ago, when we were younger, the world was safer, and there was an ocean of possibilities spread out in front of us? Me neither. But I guess with recent times, that’s just how it is. Our memory becomes botched, an ink splatter on an already finished canvas.Continue reading “Dear You, Pt. 39”

What I Learned From a Burst Pipe

It’s Saturday morning. I wake up at 6 a.m. to participate in a Teamfight Tactics Tournament that begins in one hour. For those that do not know, Teamfight Tactics (TFT) is an auto-battler, made by Riot Games. It is akin to chess, and includes various rounds and stages with the objective to upgrade your unitsContinue reading “What I Learned From a Burst Pipe”

4 Things I Learned From Self-Publishing

Back in May 2019 I self-published a poetry book. It was everything you’d expect from a writer who fell into the world of ‘Instagram poetry’ just a year prior—brimming with heartache and searching for closure. Aside from personal experiences, I drew inspiration from the likes of Lang Leav, Michael Faudet, and r.h. Sin, just toContinue reading “4 Things I Learned From Self-Publishing”

The Things that Come with Age

When I was barely eighteen, growing older meant a life in a comfortable apartment, more freedom, and a passport filled with stamps that served as souvenirs from countless adventures abroad, surrounded by friends I met along the way. At twenty-nine, however, growing older now means thinking about my grandparents/parents health, feeling happiness in putting newContinue reading “The Things that Come with Age”

How I Feel About Blogging Now

Blogging has been a big part of my life since middle school. Now, to give context to this, I started blogging when Xanga was still around — yes, I am that old. But that’s besides the point. I treated Xanga more or less like a diary. Some days I blogged a page worth of thoughts,Continue reading “How I Feel About Blogging Now”

My Summer Reading List

Summer: a time where days become longer, the blazing, hot sun perches itself in the center of the sky, and the hum of AC can be heard from sunrise until sunset. My family is actually very active, encouraging time spent outside while soaking up ample amounts of vitamin D from the sun hanging above. ToContinue reading “My Summer Reading List”

Here, Now

With social media, we can have an inside look at other people’s lives, see their glamour and success and immediately become unhappy with the person we see in the mirror. It is easy to become jealous of those around us and wonder “When will it be me?” “When will I experience happiness and success andContinue reading “Here, Now”

What Comes Next

In a perfect world, we would be able to follow what we plan to a T. We would all become what we dreamed of becoming: a doctor who saves millions of lives, an accomplished musician writing their fifth full-length album, an astronaut suiting up for their first trip into space. We could be all theseContinue reading “What Comes Next”

On Love

Love often makes us brittle. We become paper thin, a piece of parchment, folded and creased several times over. Love makes us do crazy things. It makes us skydive out of a moving plane, a million miles out of the air, just to prove our feelings for another person are real. Love is… strange. ItContinue reading “On Love”