On Love

Love often makes us brittle. We become paper thin, a piece of parchment, folded and creased several times over. Love makes us do crazy things. It makes us skydive out of a moving plane, a million miles out of the air, just to prove our feelings for another person are real. Love is… strange. ItContinue reading “On Love”


Dear You, Pt. 36

The thing about falling is that you’re never prepared for it. You can trample all over your heart, build towering walls that reach towards the sky, and have multiple pep talks with yourself on the dangers of falling in love. But at the end of it all, you fall. It’s such an effortless process thatContinue reading “Dear You, Pt. 36”

Night Owl Thoughts: What September Holds

The summer months have come and passed, now we’re busy preparing for what comes next: the pumpkin spice lattes, the piles of costumes, and as much turkey and filling as our stomachs can handle. Quite honestly, as nice as the beach can be and the sound of ocean waves crashing upon the shore, I preferContinue reading “Night Owl Thoughts: What September Holds”

Three Months Later; Three Favorites From 2:59 a.m.

It has now officially been three months since I have released my debut collection of prose and poetry, 2:59 a.m. The support that I’ve received from the community, both personal and from the public, has been more than I could ask for. I’ve always shared my writing with the public, whether it was through XangaContinue reading “Three Months Later; Three Favorites From 2:59 a.m.”

Musings of the Heart Pt. 19: Reminders

It had been months since they had last met. She had gotten past the stage of constant longing and days spent wasting away in bed. At first, she was not able to move her body the way that she wanted. She would remain in her room, closed off from the world, allowing the heartache toContinue reading “Musings of the Heart Pt. 19: Reminders”

Musings of the Heart Pt. 16: The Fall

I sat in the corner of the cafe at a table against the window. My cup of cinnamon milk tea remained untouched as I watched crowds of people pass by. Some made eye contact while others walked on, wrapped up in a conversation between friends or their eyes focused on a small bright screen heldContinue reading “Musings of the Heart Pt. 16: The Fall”

Musings of the Heart Pt. 14: Afterwards

It was about two weeks since winter break had began and a week since she had last left her studio apartment. Her phone rang at least once every hour but it remained on the charging cord throughout the entirety of the day. Despite her friends and acquaintances constant attempts to contact her, no one hadContinue reading “Musings of the Heart Pt. 14: Afterwards”

Musings of the Heart Pt. 13: Letters and Postcards

He had developed a love for airports, a love for the sound of luggage bags being whisked away into a sorting center down below. He loved watching airplanes sail across the blue sky and eventually disappear into the horizon. He loved watching sweet family reunions at the arrival gate and the teary-eyed goodbyes at departures.Continue reading “Musings of the Heart Pt. 13: Letters and Postcards”

Musings of the Heart Pt. 11: 거짓말속의 비밀 (Exit Plan)

I was never very good at confrontations. As a child, I often played by myself due to my differences with others. They would look at me as if they were looking at bug, with disgust and a dab of fascination. It was tiring to repeatedly explain why I enjoyed certain things when other children wouldContinue reading “Musings of the Heart Pt. 11: 거짓말속의 비밀 (Exit Plan)”

Musings of the Heart Pt.9: Inevitable

Her favorite word was goodbye. She liked the finality that would often follow and the small glimmer of hope that could be found in the darkness. Although she was never any good at saying goodbye. When faced with a farewell, she would cling on with all her might and try her hardest to postpone theContinue reading “Musings of the Heart Pt.9: Inevitable”