Still Dancing

I always remember how you danced around the kitchen table, swaying left to right with steps so light that I was afraid you would fly away. But you were tethered to this earth. By choice, by divine intervention, by a lifeline of oxygen pumping air into your lungs. Prior to lunch you always sang theContinue reading “Still Dancing”


What I Learned From a Burst Pipe

It’s Saturday morning. I wake up at 6 a.m. to participate in a Teamfight Tactics Tournament that begins in one hour. For those that do not know, Teamfight Tactics (TFT) is an auto-battler, made by Riot Games. It is akin to chess, and includes various rounds and stages with the objective to upgrade your unitsContinue reading “What I Learned From a Burst Pipe”

The Importance of Your Health

Sometimes having family in the medical field can be a good thing. You always have someone to turn to when the doctor doesn’t make any sense. If you’re prescribed new medicine, you can always ask your doctor cousin, nurse mother, or surgeon older sister if it’s the right fit for you. Talking about our healthContinue reading “The Importance of Your Health”

The Art of Grieving

Grief – deep and poignant distress caused by or as if by bereavement. When I was younger, I believed grief to only be a feeling that swells up inside of me like the rising tide. It grows bigger and bigger until finally, it crashes down over my entire body, swallowing me whole, then drags meContinue reading “The Art of Grieving”

Dear You: A Letter to Myself

Remember that one writing project you started — The ‘Dear You’ series? Remember how you kept it anonymous, but always had someone in mind while writing it? Well, this one is a little more open, transparent for the world to see. I want everyone in the world to see that this letter, right here, thisContinue reading “Dear You: A Letter to Myself”

On Being Average

Bill Gates. Michael Jordan. The Williams Sisters. Einstein. Plato. Sun Tzu. Michelle Obama. These are but a few people who have risen to some form of greatness, who have proven that they are exceptional — a cut above the rest, and have become a role model for many across the globe. These people show usContinue reading “On Being Average”

Looking Forward to 2021

At the time of writing this, it is January 7th, 2021. Taking the time to look back at last year and how 2020 went, it is only natural to have the bar for 2021 so low that practically any good thing would be an improvement. Going into 2021, there was a silent yet resounding hopeContinue reading “Looking Forward to 2021”

Into the Desert: Sabbath

“Are Sundays part of Lent?” I type into the search bar while the very thing I’m fasting from stares at me from afar.  Short answer, yes, they are. According to many sites, including the United States Conference of Bishops (USCCB), Sundays are, most definitely, part of Lent. Although, they are not prescribed days of fast andContinue reading “Into the Desert: Sabbath”

The Context of Pain

“On a scale from 1-10, how would you rate your pain?” If you’ve ever been to the ER, ICU, or the hospital in general, you may have been asked this question—or something similar. Sometimes, it can seem so preposterous, so ridiculous. How could I ever give my pain a number, to quantify it in some way that itContinue reading “The Context of Pain”

‘If Not You, Then Who?’

A couple years ago, when I started this blog, I was so full of ideas and passion that it didn’t seem like I would ever stop—but I did. Eventually, my love for writing and reading came to a halt and fell into the biggest rut I’ve ever experienced. I was depressed, I felt like givingContinue reading “‘If Not You, Then Who?’”