A Lesson From Sharks

When I was a child, I used to be in love with sharks. I read about them in libraries, watched various shows and documentaries—I even imagined swimming around with them. Now, this might seem strange, as we are taught and eventually learn that sharks are these fearsome creatures, but something about them interested me. IContinue reading “A Lesson From Sharks”


7 Life Impacting Lessons from Studying Abroad

Once upon a time, pre-COVID, I was a college student. Bright-eyed and filled with curiosity and wonder, I chose a university that I felt would give me the best chance to form friendships and lasting relationships with the international student body. This, on top of all my previous years of travel, fueled my desire toContinue reading “7 Life Impacting Lessons from Studying Abroad”

2016 – Resonance.

These are the lessons I have learned, the words left unsaid, the words that have resonated in my heart. Don’t compare yourself to other people. Each and every person goes about life at their own pace. It doesn’t matter if it takes you one month, three weeks, or a few years longer than everyone else.Continue reading “2016 – Resonance.”