A Returning Catholic’s Guide to Lent

To think, we are already two years into the coronavirus pandemic. Life Pre-Covid (PC) seems like a far off dream, a memory that we long to relive over and over once again. Thankfully, with the introduction of vaccines and boosters, we’re able to safely step outside and be around others while continuing to uphold cautionaryContinue reading “A Returning Catholic’s Guide to Lent”


Into the Desert: (His) Works

I find it funny (okay, maybe not haha funny) that as the whole country is in quarantine and not working, that weeks prior, God gave me this/these word(s) to focus and pray on at the end of my Lenten journey. As it is Monday morning after Easter Sunday, let me start off by saying: Alleluia! Alleluia! He isContinue reading “Into the Desert: (His) Works”

Into the Desert: Death

At the beginning of Lent, when I prayed for four words to meditate on, I was surprised to have been given the word ‘death’. Fast forward to now, COVID-19 has put the entire world on halt, forced everyone into quarantine, and taken many lives, young and old. We are reminded that death does not discriminateContinue reading “Into the Desert: Death”

Into the Desert: Holy

Growing up in youth ministry, I always had my church friends and my other friends. Those two circles overlapped occasionally,  but there was always a difference between the two. My other friends were fully aware that I was a part of youth ministry, with my Myspace posts about retreats, Life Nights, and tweets about prayingContinue reading “Into the Desert: Holy”

Into the Desert: Sabbath

“Are Sundays part of Lent?” I type into the search bar while the very thing I’m fasting from stares at me from afar.  Short answer, yes, they are. According to many sites, including the United States Conference of Bishops (USCCB), Sundays are, most definitely, part of Lent. Although, they are not prescribed days of fast andContinue reading “Into the Desert: Sabbath”

Into the Desert: A Lenten Journey

Sometimes when I think about the desert, I think about the Prince of Egypt (am I showing my age?) or that one Transformers movie. I also think about cacti, Aladdin, and camels. Lots and lots of camels. But when I hear the word desert, the one thing I think about the most is Lent. AndContinue reading “Into the Desert: A Lenten Journey”