A Story of How to Fly

For months, possibly even a year or more, my grandfather kept two birds, rock pigeons, in a cage suspended four feet off the ground. The cage, although big enough to house the two, did not allow them enough space to spread their wings and fly. Despite this, my grandfather kept them there for reasons unknownContinue reading “A Story of How to Fly”

A Returning Catholic’s Guide to Lent

To think, we are already two years into the coronavirus pandemic. Life Pre-Covid (PC) seems like a far off dream, a memory that we long to relive over and over once again. Thankfully, with the introduction of vaccines and boosters, we’re able to safely step outside and be around others while continuing to uphold cautionaryContinue reading “A Returning Catholic’s Guide to Lent”

What I Learned Working Out Every Day For A Month

For the latter half of 2021, exercise was always on my mind—and how I did so little of it. I knew what having a workout routine was like, how to meal prep, and could remain consistent for months at a time. However, for most of 2021, my workout routine went out the window and myContinue reading “What I Learned Working Out Every Day For A Month”

Year-End Motivation

It seems like yesterday that 2020 ended (Did 2020 actually count? The answer is always no.) and 2021 began. And now in the blink of an eye, we’re here in December, almost at the start of a brand new year. It can be easy, then, to settle into a comfy pair of pajamas, lounge aroundContinue reading “Year-End Motivation”

Evolution of Faith

The pandemic has upended everyone’s lives in some way, shape, or form. This is evident in all things: switching from in person to remote, wearing a mask in public, and even how we interact with our friends, asking if everyone is vaccinated before setting up any gathering. These changes are also evident in our faithContinue reading “Evolution of Faith”

The Things that Come with Age

When I was barely eighteen, growing older meant a life in a comfortable apartment, more freedom, and a passport filled with stamps that served as souvenirs from countless adventures abroad, surrounded by friends I met along the way. At twenty-nine, however, growing older now means thinking about my grandparents/parents health, feeling happiness in putting newContinue reading “The Things that Come with Age”

The Best Writing Advice I’ve Ever Received

My writing is by no means perfect. I am still very much a novice at best — and at the very least, an aspiring writer looking to make his dreams into reality. Despite not being the absolute best, I feel that I have made some headway into my writing career, as short and unprolific asContinue reading “The Best Writing Advice I’ve Ever Received”

Shades of You

In Korean media, variety shows, interviews, etc., there’s a phrase that is often used when talking about someone’s voice: 음색 (eumsaek). This phrase literally translates to ‘vocal color’. And no, they do not follow up with an actual color. Instead, when talking about a person’s vocal color, they comment on how good it is, howContinue reading “Shades of You”

Here, Now

With social media, we can have an inside look at other people’s lives, see their glamour and success and immediately become unhappy with the person we see in the mirror. It is easy to become jealous of those around us and wonder “When will it be me?” “When will I experience happiness and success andContinue reading “Here, Now”

The Context of Pain

“On a scale from 1-10, how would you rate your pain?” If you’ve ever been to the ER, ICU, or the hospital in general, you may have been asked this question—or something similar. Sometimes, it can seem so preposterous, so ridiculous. How could I ever give my pain a number, to quantify it in some way that itContinue reading “The Context of Pain”