Poetry: Still; Praying

I am always lookingat a portrait of youdrawn or photographedsmiling down at me Most days I still find youalive and well in this roomeither catching your breathor dancing along to a melody in your headas I watch from the hallwaywith both hands claspedin a fervent prayer Even now I plead with Godwith the same requestthatContinue reading “Poetry: Still; Praying”

Book Review: Everything I Never Told You by Celeste Ng

Chilling. Breath-taking. Relatable. These are the first words that come to mind when I think about Celeste Ng’s, “Everything I Never Told You.” It starts off with a polarizing fact: a teenage girl is dead, found at the bottom of a lake. The true mystery begins afterwards: when her family, grief-stricken, confused, and angry, beginContinue reading “Book Review: Everything I Never Told You by Celeste Ng”

Flash Fiction: Rooted

Again. I bring down the machete with all my strength, barely making a dent into the stump. You’re doing it wrong. Again. Repositioning my body, I take a deep breath before swinging the machete once more, trying to copy my father’s diagonal swing. Again, the cut is shallow—I blame my lack of strength, already spentContinue reading “Flash Fiction: Rooted”

A Never-ending March

I am stuck in March, on that long, dark morning. I can still hear the whir of medical equipment, the oxygen machine keeping you alive and with us. We believed you were still coherent, registering both our voices and presence right in front of you, despite being unable to speak. We believed that you wouldContinue reading “A Never-ending March”

Fifty Percent

In life, whatever we decide to pursue or challenge, we’re often told that we must give our one hundred (or even more) percent in order to succeed. And in most (if not all) cases, that’s true. When we put in the effort, we’re able to push forward and accomplish our goals, transform dreams into reality,Continue reading “Fifty Percent”