What I Learned Fasting From Soda

Finally, the Easter season is upon us which also means the end of Lent. The end of no meat on Fridays, the end of fasting from soda (yes, that was my Lenten fast), and the end of solemn and reverent song selections for Mass. Welcome Easter celebrations and singing Alleluia at the top of ourContinue reading “What I Learned Fasting From Soda”

Into the Desert: (His) Works

I find it funny (okay, maybe not haha funny) that as the whole country is in quarantine and not working, that weeks prior, God gave me this/these word(s) to focus and pray on at the end of my Lenten journey. As it is Monday morning after Easter Sunday, let me start off by saying: Alleluia! Alleluia! He isContinue reading “Into the Desert: (His) Works”