Turning (Back) On The Creativity

At the beginning of November, I took a long, hard look at my writing; this includes the topics I wanted to discuss and the direction I wanted to take. After some consideration, I decided to take all of these great blogging ideas and essentially threw them in the trash. Sure, I could have written articlesContinue reading “Turning (Back) On The Creativity”


What the Moon Says in My Place

I would like to believe that space is notsome soundless void where nothingnessengulfs the senses. Stars sizzle, planetsmake the sound of a spinning top, the moonhums all of her space children to sleep ina whisper that lingers on the verytip of her tongue in a languagewe are all used to. She is saying:Come, sweet moonchild,stayContinue reading “What the Moon Says in My Place”

Dear You, Pt. 39

Dear You, Do you remember a few years ago, when we were younger, the world was safer, and there was an ocean of possibilities spread out in front of us? Me neither. But I guess with recent times, that’s just how it is. Our memory becomes botched, an ink splatter on an already finished canvas.Continue reading “Dear You, Pt. 39”

Evolution of Faith

The pandemic has upended everyone’s lives in some way, shape, or form. This is evident in all things: switching from in person to remote, wearing a mask in public, and even how we interact with our friends, asking if everyone is vaccinated before setting up any gathering. These changes are also evident in our faithContinue reading “Evolution of Faith”

3 Questions to Ask When You Want to Move On

We’ve all been there: a bad break-up, losing a loved one, a toxic workplace environment. We’ve all been through a situation that pushes us to the edge, until eventually we’re left with only one option: to leave it all behind. Although, at first, this might be far from our mind. On the way to thisContinue reading “3 Questions to Ask When You Want to Move On”

7 Life Impacting Lessons from Studying Abroad

Once upon a time, pre-COVID, I was a college student. Bright-eyed and filled with curiosity and wonder, I chose a university that I felt would give me the best chance to form friendships and lasting relationships with the international student body. This, on top of all my previous years of travel, fueled my desire toContinue reading “7 Life Impacting Lessons from Studying Abroad”

What I Learned From a Burst Pipe

It’s Saturday morning. I wake up at 6 a.m. to participate in a Teamfight Tactics Tournament that begins in one hour. For those that do not know, Teamfight Tactics (TFT) is an auto-battler, made by Riot Games. It is akin to chess, and includes various rounds and stages with the objective to upgrade your unitsContinue reading “What I Learned From a Burst Pipe”

4 Things I Learned From Self-Publishing

Back in May 2019 I self-published a poetry book. It was everything you’d expect from a writer who fell into the world of ‘Instagram poetry’ just a year prior—brimming with heartache and searching for closure. Aside from personal experiences, I drew inspiration from the likes of Lang Leav, Michael Faudet, and r.h. Sin, just toContinue reading “4 Things I Learned From Self-Publishing”