A Never-ending March

I am stuck in March, on that long, dark morning. I can still hear the whir of medical equipment, the oxygen machine keeping you alive and with us. We believed you were still coherent, registering both our voices and presence right in front of you, despite being unable to speak. We believed that you wouldContinue reading “A Never-ending March”


One Year Since

A year has passed since March 2020. A year of social distancing, a year of staying inside, a year of worrisome thoughts coming in and out of our heads due to random, wayward coughs. When the pandemic first began, I didn’t think it would be too hard. I was and still am very much anContinue reading “One Year Since”

Taking Time to Rest

The jobs that we’re employed at, dreams that we pursue, and goals we set for ourselves take an enormous amount of work. We often put in long, grueling hours just to achieve them and support ourselves in the process. It is no easy task, especially when our work provides pay that barely covers the costContinue reading “Taking Time to Rest”

On Being Average

Bill Gates. Michael Jordan. The Williams Sisters. Einstein. Plato. Sun Tzu. Michelle Obama. These are but a few people who have risen to some form of greatness, who have proven that they are exceptional — a cut above the rest, and have become a role model for many across the globe. These people show usContinue reading “On Being Average”


2020. A year of short-lived lives, a year of unexpected goodbyes, a year of grieving and mourning, a year of wondering whether this cough will let us see the sun tomorrow morning. Perhaps this was the year we all needed, to show us how precious and unbelievably short our lives really are. It has beenContinue reading “Reset.”

The Year That Could Have Been

It is New Year’s Eve 2019. You are waiting outside, ready to light the fuse on a line of fireworks with your family. You are ready to welcome 2020, a list of to-do’s already written out in pen and on your phone. You’ve already set an alarm to sound off at 6 am for yourContinue reading “The Year That Could Have Been”


Twenty-seven. The year I supposedly got everything together. I landed a job, self-published a book, started working on a clothing project, my faith was great. Everything seemed to be going great—until it so very obviously wasn’t. The last six months of my twenty-seventh year has been far from ideal. By my twenty-eighth birthday, I thoughtContinue reading “Twenty-Eight”

Into the Desert: Sabbath

“Are Sundays part of Lent?” I type into the search bar while the very thing I’m fasting from stares at me from afar.  Short answer, yes, they are. According to many sites, including the United States Conference of Bishops (USCCB), Sundays are, most definitely, part of Lent. Although, they are not prescribed days of fast andContinue reading “Into the Desert: Sabbath”

Into the Desert: A Lenten Journey

Sometimes when I think about the desert, I think about the Prince of Egypt (am I showing my age?) or that one Transformers movie. I also think about cacti, Aladdin, and camels. Lots and lots of camels. But when I hear the word desert, the one thing I think about the most is Lent. AndContinue reading “Into the Desert: A Lenten Journey”


For the entirety of December and the first week of January, I was kept busy helping to put together my parish’s annual Christmas Musical that happened on January 5th. Here’s a small tidbit for many of you that may be wondering ‘Christmas Musical? In January? Why so late?’ According to the liturgical calendar of theContinue reading “Transition”