When the Passion Stops

Passion – a strong liking or desire for or devotion to some activity, object, or concept. Every person on this earth, young and old, has something they are passionate about, something they actively practice and learn more of in their free time. From reading and writing, photography and video editing, sewing, flower arrangements, even theContinue reading “When the Passion Stops”


What Comes Next

In a perfect world, we would be able to follow what we plan to a T. We would all become what we dreamed of becoming: a doctor who saves millions of lives, an accomplished musician writing their fifth full-length album, an astronaut suiting up for their first trip into space. We could be all theseContinue reading “What Comes Next”

One Year Since

A year has passed since March 2020. A year of social distancing, a year of staying inside, a year of worrisome thoughts coming in and out of our heads due to random, wayward coughs. When the pandemic first began, I didn’t think it would be too hard. I was and still am very much anContinue reading “One Year Since”

Mourning Friendship

Mourning – noun; an outward sign (such as black clothes or an armband) of grief for a person’s death/a period of time during which signs of grief are shown. Mourning comes naturally after a loss, especially after the death of a loved one, pets included. We can go days, months even, without eating, sleeping, orContinue reading “Mourning Friendship”

On Love

Love often makes us brittle. We become paper thin, a piece of parchment, folded and creased several times over. Love makes us do crazy things. It makes us skydive out of a moving plane, a million miles out of the air, just to prove our feelings for another person are real. Love is… strange. ItContinue reading “On Love”

Dear You: A Letter to Myself

Remember that one writing project you started — The ‘Dear You’ series? Remember how you kept it anonymous, but always had someone in mind while writing it? Well, this one is a little more open, transparent for the world to see. I want everyone in the world to see that this letter, right here, thisContinue reading “Dear You: A Letter to Myself”

What Success Looks Like To Me

Some say success is an accumulation of wealth. Some say it is becoming world renowned in your field. Others might define success as simple as the happiness you feel in your everyday life. But what is success really? What might seem like success to one person may be considered a failure to another. The shortContinue reading “What Success Looks Like To Me”

On Being Average

Bill Gates. Michael Jordan. The Williams Sisters. Einstein. Plato. Sun Tzu. Michelle Obama. These are but a few people who have risen to some form of greatness, who have proven that they are exceptional — a cut above the rest, and have become a role model for many across the globe. These people show usContinue reading “On Being Average”

Looking Forward to 2021

At the time of writing this, it is January 7th, 2021. Taking the time to look back at last year and how 2020 went, it is only natural to have the bar for 2021 so low that practically any good thing would be an improvement. Going into 2021, there was a silent yet resounding hopeContinue reading “Looking Forward to 2021”


2020. A year of short-lived lives, a year of unexpected goodbyes, a year of grieving and mourning, a year of wondering whether this cough will let us see the sun tomorrow morning. Perhaps this was the year we all needed, to show us how precious and unbelievably short our lives really are. It has beenContinue reading “Reset.”