Closing Out 2015

With the imminent end of another year coming closer by the second, as usual it calls for moments of reflection. What did I do/accomplish? Who did I become? Did I achieve the goals that I set for myself in the beginning of the year? Have I remained stagnant or am I closer to figuring outContinue reading “Closing Out 2015”

Being Afraid of the “L” Word

We all know this word. Some people adore it, others are disgusted by even a single thought of it. It can invite people in or it can drive them away – sometimes in tears. And if someone does mention this word, I’m sure one, if not a few, visual images come into our mind. IfContinue reading “Being Afraid of the “L” Word”

The Simple Lie of “I am (not) okay”

Throughout our life we are asked “How are you?” in numerous variations of the phrase. It comes out in everyday conversations with retail workers, family members, friends; the list goes on. However, more often than not, when asked this question, we default back to the simple and safe answer of “I am okay”, before turningContinue reading “The Simple Lie of “I am (not) okay””