Dear You, Pt. 39

Dear You, Do you remember a few years ago, when we were younger, the world was safer, and there was an ocean of possibilities spread out in front of us? Me neither. But I guess with recent times, that’s just how it is. Our memory becomes botched, an ink splatter on an already finished canvas.Continue reading “Dear You, Pt. 39”


Dear You, Pt. 38 To the Ones Gone

It is hard to start this without feeling a heaviness in my chest. How long has it been? A few weeks? Months? Time stopped completely when you left, so all the days have blended in together. Each and every day just ended up being the same. I hope you will forgive me for being inContinue reading “Dear You, Pt. 38 To the Ones Gone”

Dear You: A Letter to Myself

Remember that one writing project you started — The ‘Dear You’ series? Remember how you kept it anonymous, but always had someone in mind while writing it? Well, this one is a little more open, transparent for the world to see. I want everyone in the world to see that this letter, right here, thisContinue reading “Dear You: A Letter to Myself”

Dear You, Pt. 36

The thing about falling is that you’re never prepared for it. You can trample all over your heart, build towering walls that reach towards the sky, and have multiple pep talks with yourself on the dangers of falling in love. But at the end of it all, you fall. It’s such an effortless process thatContinue reading “Dear You, Pt. 36”

Dear You, Pt. 35

You looked at me timidly, your eyes filled with guilt. I could feel the words ‘I’m sorry’ slip through your sealed lips as it filled the silence between us. The moment was fleeting, fate only allowing us a few passing seconds to come up with something more than a shallow ‘hello’. But in the blinkContinue reading “Dear You, Pt. 35”

Dear You, Pt. 34

You once asked me what it meant to be happy and I still stand by what I said: I’m not entirely sure. However, after some careful consideration, here is what I think. Happiness is waking up late on a Sunday morning to the smell of breakfast being made and the sound of your favorite televisionContinue reading “Dear You, Pt. 34”

Dear You, Pt. 33

I want to honestly tell you something. It’s been a while since you’ve heard that, hasn’t it? Maybe it’s been a little too long, maybe your memory is better than my own and you remember a recent moment of sober truth that I have unfortunately forgotten. But for once, in possibly a very long time,Continue reading “Dear You, Pt. 33”

Dear You, Pt. 32

You carried a darkness around with you, naturally and without any second thought. On some days it would be barely visible, a small little speck on the collar of your shirt. You walked around with a smile that covered your entire face and on those days it was genuine and sincere. We would spend hoursContinue reading “Dear You, Pt. 32”

Dear You, Pt. 31

Do you remember the day that we met? It was raining then, and we both had just stepped outside of the local Starbucks, waiting for the downpour to subside. Neither of us had a jacket or an umbrella to protect us from the oncoming rain. We made eye contact and laughed at our predicament beforeContinue reading “Dear You, Pt. 31”

Dear You, Pt. 30

As the lights came on and I looked through the crowd, I saw you standing there with that silly smile on your face. After a night out on the town, I believed you to be an illusion, an image from the confines of my memory projected onto some random stranger that looked just like you.Continue reading “Dear You, Pt. 30”