Dear You, Pt. 25

dear you

You were always quiet, yet loud in your own way. With every passing day, your silence carried the weight of the world, while your steps were often light, and a smile was always etched onto your face. You didn’t allow yourself to sit and soak in your thoughts. The moment that you became idle and still, it was over. You were consumed by a darkness that only you believed that you could see. When others pointed this out and asked how you were feeling, you would brush off the help, thinking that telling someone your troubles would only burden them and cause them to run away away. But because of past experiences, you constructed a fortress around your heart, too traumatized to let anyone in. And that’s how you lived; at a distance. Letting people come close enough to see the pupils of your eyes, yet far enough to hide the trembling fear in your hands. You allowed other people to dictate how you should feel and whether what you were feeling was appropriate for that moment in time. But I hope that one day, you will have the courage to stand behind your feelings. That one day you will be able to truthfully confess if you are feeling sad or angry or depressed or that you want to disappear. Your feelings deserve attention, too.

Your feelings are not a burden, they are what make you,  you,


One thought on “Dear You, Pt. 25

  1. It’s always a surprise to come across words you needed to hear in a specific moment, it’s a cosmic feeling really. So thank you, I needed these words at this time.


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