The Words Left Unsaid

Sometimes the hardest goodbyes are the ones that are found underneath a blanket of silence. After the fact, you try to search for any signs or hints of where it all started to go wrong. Perhaps knowing when it all started to fall apart, that knowledge would ultimately help in your quest to bring it back together and fix the damage that had been done.  But to your dismay, there are no breadcrumbs to follow, no white elephants visibly standing in the corner of the millions of rooms that you searched. And then you’re left wondering, wading in the waters of your thoughts. You feel as if you’re struggling to keep afloat and eventually you find it hard to breath. Your brain starts playing tricks on you, in order to relieve the pain. You wake up and smell their scent lingering on your pillow, you hear their laughter carried by the wind, you feel their touch as the darkness of night grows deep and unbearable.

The scenarios play out in your head and you imagine the day that you meet once again. Perhaps that day will signal the start of another chapter, a chapter where there exists an us once again. Perhaps on that day, all the words that were left unsaid will be spoken and brought into the light. And perhaps that day does not exist. Perhaps that reality is merely a faraway dream that is not meant to come true. And the fact of the matter is, you will never get the closure that you so desperately desire. You will remain in a state of emotional pain and you must live with the fact that the words left unsaid will always linger in the corner of your heart. This is a reality for some and the past for others. However, I will say this: You will be okay. Maybe it will take months. Maybe it will take years. But at the end of everything, you will be okay. These were the words that I wish I heard. These were the words that were left unsaid.


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