Dear You, Pt. 14

dear you

I remember there was a time when we did more than tolerate each other. Once upon a time we were friends, attached by the hip, never one without the other. But that wasn’t even the most beautiful part. The most sincere and heart warming thing about our friendship was that we could always pick up right where we left off. Whether it was a week away at separate high schools or a semester away in different states, we would always come back to each other as if no time had passed. It’s strange how friendships could change so easily, especially one like our own. But I guess that was the power of baseless rumors and unresolved misunderstandings. Even after we exchanged apologies, nothing was ever the same. From that point onward, we tended to tread lightly around each other, careful not to give too much information in case we felt too bothersome, like we were no longer permitted to deeply confide in each other. However, I was unable to muster up the courage to tackle our problems head on and now- now we are mere shells of our former relationship. Long gone are the midnight Walmart runs under a summer sky. Spontaneous visits to what was once our favorite restaurant are a thing of the past. And now when the workers ask where you are, I say that you’re busy and continue with my meal. But deep down inside, I know that’s a lie and that they will probably never see us together again. The end of a romantic relationship is surely difficult. There’s no doubt about that. But losing someone that I considered part of my family?

If only I could have my best friend back,


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