Dear You, Pt. 12

dear you

I can see the hesitation in the creases of your face. I can feel your hands trembling from a mile away. I can hear your heart jump out of your chest, screaming that your calm composure is all but a lie. How can I not know? How could you hide your feelings from someone like me? It’s funny. You were never like this before. You were as confident as a lioness out for a hunt, knowing full well that it will end in success and the pride would be fed. But somehow, somewhere along the way, your resolve wavered and your eyes began to flicker. Instead of fearless leaps, you took small, timid steps. Seeing this side of you was unsettling, like seeing a ghost materialize right in front of me. And I guess, more or less, that’s what you had become, a ghost. The longer I looked at you, the more you resembled an empty shell of the person you once were. You became a lifeless zombie like everyone else. I only wish that I had noticed sooner. For that, I am truly sorry. I am sorry that I was unable to grab hold of you before you plunged into a dark abyss, out of sight and possibly out of reach. If I dived in after you, would your soul be able to return? If not, would you be able to find your way back on your own? The longer I ask these questions, the less likely it seems that you will be able to come back. So don’t try to dissuade me nor try to stop me. Just promise me one thing: that you will stay alive.

I will bring you back,


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