Dear You, Pt. 10

dear you

It started from hello. I wish it had started from a kiss, but I will put aside such a cliche statement and firmly say it started from hello. (Or perhaps that’s a little more cliche). To think that after all this time, only now do I realize that it was possibly love at first sight. And come to think of it, I believe it was. With every conversation and even the slightest touch, I could feel the wings of butterflies furiously flapping throughout my body and sending shivers up and down my skin. It was glorious and slightly terrifying at the same time. But then, as random and fierce as a bolt of lighting striking the ground, I was ecstatic to learn that you felt the same. Towards someone as lacking as me, a charming person like you found interest and comfort. Suddenly a million different possibilities and moments began to flow out like gates to a dam had been opened. The idea of us, of our future, seemed so bright and as endless as the galaxies floating around in the depths of the night sky. But that’s all there was: an idea. An idea that we matched so well  together and that we would last an eternity or more. The idea that neither of us would ever entertain the notion of a break-up. An idea so strong, that it would eventually take a form of it’s own. Or so we thought. We were a budding flower on a tree branch, whose life was unceremoniously cut short by the strong winds of an unexpected storm. The possibilities of us were endless, however, because of the spontaneity of life, we were unable to reach those expectations. And quite naturally, we wilted. We grew apart and alone and stumbled away from the path that we had once trodden upon together. I dreamed of the day that I would be able to wake up just before dawn and be greeted by your sleeping silhouette. The possibility of that reality no longer exists. I never wondered what life after you, after us, would be like, but now I think I know.

It’s something like this,


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