Dear You, Pt. 8

dear you

Your dreams were small gems hidden on continents filled with uncontrollable wilderness. And because of that, people told you that it would be too dangerous and too risky. But despite the opposition that you faced, you still decided to venture out, and after every obstacle, you dusted yourself off and simply smiled. In that small gesture, you constantly told everyone around you that it was okay to get lost and to fall and to think of giving up, as long as you kept moving forward. And that’s exactly what you did. You kept moving forward. Towards a dream that would hopefully become a location that you could affectionately call “here.” That when someone would ask “What’s your dream?” you would confidently reply with “Here. Here and now, that is my dream.” This, you wished on stars and carefully watched the clouds just in case a fairy godmother or magical genie would descend from the sky. And even when they didn’t, you refused to give up hope. That endless beacon of hope slowly became my light, too. You became the light in a sea of darkness, as I struggled to keep afloat and prevent myself from drowning. It was as if I could travel to the moon and as long as you’re by my side I would be able to breathe. Slowly, but certainly, you became a necessity and I refused to let you out of my sight. For if I did, then the darkness would crawl back and swallow me whole. But luckily or unluckily, you left. You left right as I learned how to stand again. Although some would have been crushed at a goodbye, I couldn’t have been more grateful. I knew that if you had stayed, I would have become dependent on you and only you. The timing was just right. And now, my timing to say thank you has come. Some months have passed and I am doing just fine. And it’s all thanks to you.

I will not forget your kindness,


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