Dear You, Pt. 3

dear you

It’s been hard on you hasn’t it? The pressure, the expectations, everything. You’ve told me before, that you didn’t think you were enough. Enough for your parents, enough for your friends, even enough for yourself. You always said that you were lacking something. That despite everything you’ve accomplished, there was some key component missing. That the only consistency in your life was absence. To tell you the truth, the most absolute and sincere truth, when you asked me what I saw in you, I handpicked those adjectives and made those descriptions in order to make you feel better. But in all honestly, I always thought one thing was true about you: You are a human being. You are a living, breathing, human being with a set of emotions and that alone makes you lovely and beautiful. And in that regard, shouldn’t we all be considered beautiful and perfect and well-made? I’ve always wanted to stop you when you started going on your rants. I’ve always wanted to slap you in the face and scream at you to stop. You’ve come too far to just take a million leaps back now. You were doing so good at moving forward, yet you’re still willing to hide in that dark shell, continuously reciting the words “I am worthless” when you’re really not. However, knowing you, this won’t stop. You will continue to feel bad for yourself for whatever reason and regardless of what I say or do, without fail you will push away my help. Yet I will continue to be here for you. I will continue to hope and to pray that one day you will see your worth. That one day you will look into the mirror and swell up with immense pride in what you see. I will continue to be a friend. Because that’s what I never had – someone who believed in me no matter what. I have faith that you will be fine. I hope one day you’ll feel the same way.




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