“Dear You,” Pt. 1

Hey guys, I know I’ve been away for a while, but I am back with a vengeance! It has honestly been a while since I’ve last written on here- well, honestly honestly, it’s been a while since I’ve written anything, really. So instead of trying to wrack my brain with some sort of topic to go off on, I thought I would start with something simple, a project that I could do whenever and wherever: “Dear You,”. I will never confirm or deny who I’m writing to, whether it’s an actual person I’m addressing, or if it’s a group of people. All parts of this “Dear You,” series may become deeper than expected, but let’s see where this leads us.

dear you

I started to remember why you wanted to leave in the first place. The pressure, the unpleasant childhood, that thought that slipped into your mind that repeatedly told you that you weren’t good enough. I started to remember the secrets that you used to confide in me. I started to remember the kind, considerate person that you once were. That time seems like ages ago. Now you’re closed off, cold to the touch, and constantly trying to prove your worth to yourself. But it’s never enough, is it? I can see it in your bright, yet sleep-deprived eyes. I can see it in the way you space out while looking outside the window. I can see life in what you always seem to call a lifeless shell. But I know you are stronger than this. You are the most amazing person I know and I think everyone else should know that too. So go out, be not afraid, and show the world just how amazing you are. But until then, until you’re able to gather up the courage, until the day you’re able to pick up the broken pieces of your self-esteem, I will be right here, silently waiting, but at the same time vigorously cheering you on. Eventually, I know you will be okay.

Sincerely and love always,



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