Everything in this world has an ending. Lifespans, fashion trends, calendars, all these have an ending, whether it can be visibly seen or hidden in the mysterious fog of the unpredictable future.

There is no doubt that endings are important. Most endings offer a sense of closure and often times leave behind a meaningful legacy for others to remember. However, endings can also be bittersweet, serving as a painful reminder of what “could have been.”

But how could there be an ending, if there is no beginning. Just like it’s counterpart, the beginning can come in many different forms: a single sentence, an abstract idea, or even in the form of a stranger waiting at the bus stop. The beauty of ‘beginnings’ is that it does not need to be perfect.

Beginnings are like footholds on the side of a mountain. At times they look steady and reliable, providing a sense of trust and assurance that everything will be fine with each step. And then there are those that appear fragile and dangerous, causing one to question every step that they take. But no matter how many times you slip and lose your footing, you must get over the beginning in order to reach that desirable ending.

And just like that, today marks the beginning of The Night Owl Thoughts. It will become a place of solace, a humble tavern that welcomes all who may wander through the nooks and crannies of the Internet. It may become chaotic and unorganized at times; But I can only hope that you will remain and watch while we continue to climb this mountain that has appeared before us. And so it begins


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